Block a specific IP Address to execute, run rest code and View the Website or Web page

Sometimes we need to stop some specified IP Addresses to block the execute the code or stop to view our website or code so that I wrote that PHP code its help to doing that. By this code, you can also stop the spamming from any hacker IP Address, if you find the IP Address […]

Top Programming Language Terms, Words and Definition You must know

API The API stands for Application Programming Interface. API defines as your products or services communicate with other products or services without having information on how they implemented and provide required data for a particular request. Argument Argument other words Parameter. A value that passed into a program or function. Any value is generally the […]

HTTP Definition | HTTP Overview | Introduction of HTTP Basics

HTTP Request HTTP Request in Web Browser? HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol. It enables communication web browsers such as chrome, firefox Mozilla, internet explorer to the webserver. Web clients and webserver communicate by exchanging files, data, and other information. Data sent by Web client using a browser, called requests and for requested, answer called […]

Online Tools for Minify or Compressing JavaScript, CSS & HTML Code

Online Tools for Minify or Compressing JavaScript, CSS & HTML Code Minification or Compressing of code that process reducing the file size from the original size to smallest size, without affecting extra code. It involves removing white-spaces, newlines (line-break), comments and remove unnecessary character which is no use. Depends on code this minification process the […]

Flexbox Properties Tutorial and How to Use with HTML CSS

Why Using Flexbox: An Overview of Behind using flexbox. In this blog, show you using behind flexbox and main properties of using it in order to flexbox layout. What is Flexbox? Its is a new module in CSS3 that make easy to the alignment of web elements to one another, in different direction and orders […]

Free Code Editor for Coder & Web Development

Top Free Code Editor for Windows and Mac Pc. This blog about free code editors, which is very helpful for developers as well as coders. They all are free and easy to use for both uses web development and application development. These code editors are performing all platfrom mac, linux and window perfectly. Let’s Discuss […]

WebP – How To Use, Define, Support, Alternative Solutions

More about WebP Define and Usage. Webp image format that contains compression and lossless both. It’s developed by Google in 2010, base on On2 technologies. Webp image format also replaces GIF format, its support animated images format like a gif with the same transparency, frames and lossless compression. Why Convert PNG or JPEG into Webp […]

What is Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO Strategies, Use of CRO and Some Important Facts.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO Strategies, Use of CRO and Some Important Facts? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the exercise of increasing sales and prospective leads from any website. CRO is the method of creating an experience of a website or landing page with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into […]

What is Webp Image Format? Why Use It and How to Use It.

Webp image format that provides both lossless and compresses images format on the web. Using Webp images, make your web pages faster and decease web pages load time. Webp image format created by google web performance team as a replacement of JPEG, PNG, and GIF different kinds of images. The format was first announced on […]