Ngnix Process Usefull commands for Managing Linux Ngnix Server

Managing Linux Ngnix Server Usefull terminal commands   $ sudo systemctl stop ngnix Stop Ngnix web server.   $ sudo systemctl start ngnix Start you Ngnix linux webser, after stop your ngnix server   $ sudo systemctl restart ngnix Stop then start your Ngnix Linux server user above command, its usefull command when server working […]

Linux Sudo command Usage and Benefits

Linux Sudo Commands Linux sudo command use as system administrator, its execution on root. its allow to non – root user to run Linux administrator  command which is restricted for other user.  With using non root user can access the root account and can be control administrator. List of Sudo Command sudo -i sudo -V […]

Change a folder or directory permission in Linux Nginx server by Putty

Below Linux command run for set all permission recursively for all files and folder contain in folder.   sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/wordpress/plugins/ above command run in putty with using Linux.   Check current permission set for all files and folders in current directory. sudo ls -1 /var/www/wordpress/plugins check current permission of a file ls […]