Linux Sudo command Usage and Benefits

Linux Sudo Commands Linux sudo command use as system administrator, its execution on root. its allow to non – root user to run Linux administrator  command which is restricted for other user.  With using non root user can access the root account and can be control administrator. List of Sudo Command sudo -i sudo -V […]

Create, Import and Export Database in MySQL or MariaDB by Putty

How to import, export, and create a database in MySQL or MariaDB Create a new database in MySQL or MariaDB First login to MySQL shell or MariaDB in putty using the below command. mysql -u root -p Create new database mysql> create database new_website; Check your database create or not use mysql> show databases; List […]

SSH Command for Exclude subfolders when create zip on parent folder

SSH Command for excluded specific subdirectories when zipping a directory. I need to backup my website but I need to exclude a couple of subdirectories content all files and folders. Then I used the below command in Putty SSH. zip -r public_html -x blog/* -x portfolio/*   with the above Putty SSH command, I […]

SSH Linux Command for Putty Client – All MySQL Line commands for maintain MySQL database

How to manage MySQL user account, update records, insert records, login into SSH MySQL, and another SSH command for help to learn MySQL in SSH. List of all commands used in SSH for creating a new database, insert the record into the selected database, Alter the table column, login database by SSH client (Putty). Below […]