Add Google Captcha V3 (In Hindi) on Your Website By jQuery and PHP | Increase your Website Security

  Basically, I applied google captcha on my website with jQuery and PHP code. Sample code link below. Google reCAPTCHA v3, How to use validation of HTML JQuery PHP Form.   Google recaptcha used to secure your website from malicious activities and stop abusive activities run on your website. In other words authorized person and […]

[Video Tutorial] Learn SASS Import | SASS Include Files | SASS Include SASS and CSS | SASS Import File Files

SASS Import File Sass imports have the same syntax as CSS imports, except that they allow multiple imports to be separated by commas rather than requiring each one to have its own @import. Also, in the indented syntax, imported URLs aren’t required to have quotes. When Sass imports a file, that file is evaluated as […]