How to Check domain, URL or link does not has http or https and end with slash

Check a link start with HTTP or HTTPS

How to check a link not start with http:// or https:// below code helps to add and find link does has it or not.

 if(pageUrl.indexOf("http://") == 0 || pageUrl.indexOf("https://") == 0 ){
pageUrl = pageUrl; 
pageUrl = "http://" + pageUrl; 

add a slash and check link end with a slash.

if you also check the link end with slash (/) check the below code. its helps full to add a slash after link end.

 var checkLastChar = pageUrl.split('');

var getLastEel = checkLastChar[checkLastChar.length - 1]; 

if(getLastEel != '/'){
pageUrl = pageUrl + '/';