Ngnix Process Usefull commands for Managing Linux Ngnix Server

Managing Linux Ngnix Server Usefull terminal commands


$ sudo systemctl stop ngnix

Stop Ngnix web server.


$ sudo systemctl start ngnix

Start you Ngnix linux webser, after stop your ngnix server


$ sudo systemctl restart ngnix

Stop then start your Ngnix Linux server user above command, its usefull command when server working stop, or given 503 error. Its restart full service and sub processes and restarts the complete packages.


$ sudo systemctl reload ngnix

Reload Ngnix server without connection drop like restart server. Its help full when you not required to connection out of your server.


$ sudo systemctl disable nginx

Ngnix is enable at booting time and start automatically when server run so if you required to disable it use below command.


$ sudo systemctl enable nginx

When you disable Ngnix at booting time and require to start Ngnix automatically at boot time use above command.


$ sudo systemctl status nginx

If required to find Ngnix server is start or stop or working correct then use above command.


$ sudo nginx -t

Above command is used when there are no syntax error in any of Linux Nginx files, like error find in conf file then use above command.