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Compress CSS Code removing unnecessary white spaces, line break, tabs and other extra spaces for better speed and optimization

CSS Minification & Compression

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Minify or Compress that process of removing all unnecessary whitespaces, lines breaks, comments which not affect current web page view or style and provide compress version of css code that helps to reduce brand width and load fast of webpages. Reduce file size helps to load it faster and its result improves the site speed and performance. There are numbers of online and offline tools for minifying and compression code but our tool provides fast and best results.

Compress & Minify CSS Code online

Minify and compression take beautified, well-formed css code that you wrote and remove the extra space, indentation, newlines, and comments. It also makes the css difficult to read. Cascading style sheets minification is also helpful to combine multiple files into a single file. This benefits in reducing the multiple HTTP requests in a single time. For css minification and compress code developers only copy and paste the code into the textbox and get the minified version of CSS.

Benefits of Using Compress and Minify CSS code

  • Remove useless characters, whitespaces, line breaks.
  • Remove comments in css code
  • Remove undefined css variable declarations
  • Changes RGB code to HEX code
  • Improve brandwidth.
  • Reduce file size for load faster.
  • Improve site speed for better SEO

For improving website speed is a specified reason that minifying or compresses css. Google discovered that extra delay time just half a single second drop your website traffic by 20%. So that website speed affects everything for CRO (Conversion rate optimization).

Compress & Minify CSS Code online

Difference between the minification and compression

These two terms of CSS using for improving website speed, first are minification and second is compression, both reduce the file size. But their process is different.

Minification CSS

Minification of CSS that reduces the file size by removing the unnecessary character and not required code or not valid code. User browses just can easily understand and process like the original file.

Compression CSS

CSS compression is different from CSS minification, Compress such as compress colors code, remove the repeating string and remove last semicolons of any statement that call CSS compression.

Why use CSS Minify.

Minify tool a simple process that minified css code instantly. Purpose of minifying css that increase your website load speed. Minify can make your code 20% smaller and increase your page load time. Just copy css code and paste into text area box, click on Compress CSS button and get compress css code. By using css minification, Remove useless whitespaces, line breaks, all comments, last semi-colon of style and extra semi-colon.

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