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Free Online Tool that tests webpages on different screen sizes and gives perfect looks on every device.

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What is a website responsiveness

In the responsinator layout, the webpages should be designed to look perfect on every device and view of variance device of different screen sizes without creating sperate webpages for different screen sizes. The concepts behind responsive webpages that webpage give a response based on user need and give view by the user device. Images, Content, media files automatically change to three columns or four-column layout to a single column layout as display required.

What is a Responsive Layout

Some non-required images or portion which need to hide so user interface and interacted with most important information or webpage fold. For using a responsive layout, you gained a more customed mobile user experience.

The basic character of a responsive webpage is that it organizes the content well regardless of the screen size of the device. Such webpages/websites are called responsive webpages/websites.

Why responsive design checker tool better than other regular websites

Smartphone, tablets, different types of dimensional devices like laptop, Mac, iPod become popular today and these devices need device capable website for best user experience.

And the other hand, Google recently tells responsive or cross-platform device websites are a best-ranking factor and become quickly popular in search engine results.

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better user experience
  • Increased conversion rate(Better CRO)
  • Reduce website bounce rates
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • A better approach for using a mobile-friendly website.
  • Build a mobile website for better optimized
  • Responsive layout

Benefits of using Responsive design

  • An optimized image helps for a smaller presentation
  • Text or content changes dynamically
  • Better mobile friendly website
  • Menu navigation changes as required.
  • Button change view and functional as design needed.
  • optimized speed for better response
  • show hide the required website fold
  • Accept to website on different devices

How to test website is responsive or not

It's very difficult to understand the website is a responsive or regular website if you need to know, resize your browser window from full to mobile or table or another custom size text, images, and menu display are change or smaller then your website consider responsive or under-responsive layout. One other option for using responsive checker tool than test website on different devices.

Responsive design checker online tool

Online responsive design checker tool that allows user to input your webpage or website URL to see how it look on different devices. Its mobile responsive website or all element of the website have fitted all spaces.

How to check responsive website Online.

Myfreeonlinetools provide responsive website online checker tool that test your website mobile friendly and user friendly website. A responsive test tool gives a better user experience. If you like to use this tool online paste your URL into input filed and test into various devices, customs, or given.

What is a mobile-friendly layout or design?

The mobile-friendly layout works the same way all types of devices like mobile, iPad, iPod, laptop or large desktop. Nothing to alter for required devices. Navigation, drop-down menu, images, text, media, and video may be limited due to their size and difficulty on much smaller screens. In responsive device will functional and viewable the same all devices with no usability issues and test website on different devices online. Its consistency and better results for all types of desktop and mobile devices.

The benefit of Using a responsive design Website.
  • Static content nothing to change for all device
  • Images will be optimized and smaller
  • Navigation optimized by devices
  • Great functional on any mobile devices
  • The smaller image will load quickly on low connections
  • Google acceptable mobile friendly

Steps include creating a page responsive test

  • Make information better view to easy to view
  • Add proper Meta Viewport Tag
  • Allow autocorrect forms
  • Button size enough for mobile devices
  • Use better and understandable font size
  • Optimized images and css files
  • Proper Mobile testing
  • Allow easy view desktop as well as mobile
  • Use a better CSS framework like bootstrap, grids, and others.
  • Ignore to use flash type media in web pages

Viewport for Meta tag for media devices

meta tag for responsive result
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