Online Tools for Minify or Compressing JavaScript, CSS & HTML Code

Online Tools for Minify or Compressing JavaScript, CSS & HTML Code

Minification or Compressing of code that process reducing the file size from the original size to smallest size, without affecting extra code. It involves removing white-spaces, newlines (line-break), comments and remove unnecessary character which is no use. Depends on code this minification process the original size reduces 5 to 90 percentage. All those tools will help to reduce the number of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests, reduce bandwidth usage and provides quick download time for users.

Minify Or Compression JavaScript Code Online Tool

Minify JavaScript code or file is an ideal process but it loses readability but it saves bandwidth. Reduce file size but remove comments and extra white space. It joining declaring variables, optimizing the if-else statement, convert array to object that can save 10% of actual size.

  1. JavaScript Minifier
  2. JScompress
  3. JSmini
  4. Koala
  5. Uglify.js
  6. rJSmin
  7. Grunt

Minify Or Compression CSS Code Online Tool

Css Minify is processing to reducing CSS file size without altering the functionality of coding. This process removes useless white spaces, line breaks, indentation characters, extra semi-colon, empty CSS declaration, and extra comments. CSS compressor allows minifying CSS to make the website load faster and consume less bandwidth.

  1. CSS Minifier
  2. Clean CSS
  3. CSSO
  4. Coveloping
  5. Feedthebot

Minify Or Compression HTML Code Online Tool

Minify HTML code online could save money on your server billing if hosting a very heavy bandwidth website. This online compression tool saves space in an HTML file by removing unnecessary space, line breaks, tab spaces and replace double space with single space with breaking or effect the page structure.

  1. HTMLcompressor
  2. Text Fixer
  3. Minify-HTML
  4. HTML minify
  5. HTMLMinifier


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