How to add Date Time Month by timezone in Zoho CRM

I try to add the Date and time in Zoho CRM but it not added because the format of date-time is not correct. So used the below code and try to push with API PUSH.  It also works when you push the perfect date in MySQL and show date time in a nice format in HTML Output.

Used below code for entry perfect date time with timezone in CRM, MySQL or HTML.

Can change timezone PHP variable as you required, timezone table are below mention after code.

$timezone = 'GMT';
$datetime = new DateTime($start, new DateTimeZone($timezone));
$date1 = $datetime->format('Y/m/d h:i a');
$timestamp= strtotime($date1);
$start_date = date('c', $timestamp);


The output of the above code :

Dec 23, 2020 07:35 PM


Different Time Zone:

UTC Location Time Zone
UTC -1 Cabo Verde and 2 more CVT
UTC -2 Pernambuco/Brazil and South Georgia/Sandwich Is. GST
UTC -3 most of Brazil, Argentina and 9 more ART
UTC +14 Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati LINT
UTC +13:45 Chatham Islands/New Zealand CHADT
UTC +13 New Zealand with exceptions and 5 more NZDT
UTC +12 small region of Russia and 7 more ANAT
UTC +11 much of Australia and 7 more AEDT
UTC +10:30 small region of Australia ACDT
UTC +10 Queensland/Australia and 6 more AEST
UTC +9:30 Northern Territory/Australia ACST
UTC +9 Japan, South Korea and 5 more JST
UTC +8:45 Western Australia/Australia ACWST
UTC +8 China, Philippines and 10 more CST
UTC +7 much of Indonesia, Thailand and 7 more WIB
UTC +6:30 Myanmar and Cocos Islands MMT
UTC +6 Bangladesh and 6 more BST
UTC +5:45 Nepal NPT
UTC +5:30 India and Sri Lanka IST
UTC +5 Pakistan and 8 more UZT
UTC +4:30 Afghanistan AFT
UTC +4 Azerbaijan and 8 more GST
UTC +3:30 Iran IRST
UTC +3 Moscow/Russia and 22 more MSK
UTC +2 Greece and 31 more EET
UTC +1 Germany and 45 more CET
UTC +0 United Kingdom and 24 more GMT
UTC -3:30 Newfoundland and Labrador/Canada NST
UTC -4 some regions of Canada and 28 more VET
UTC -5 regions of USA and 14 more EST
UTC -6 regions of USA and 9 more CST
UTC -7 some regions of USA and 2 more MST
UTC -8 regions of USA and 4 more PST
UTC -9 Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia AKST
UTC -9:30 Marquesas Islands/French Polynesia MART
UTC -10 small region of USA and 2 more HST
UTC -11 American Samoa and 2 more NUT
UTC -12 much of US Minor Outlying Islands AoE