use JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() in JavaScript

How to use JSON.parse() and JSON.stringfy() in JavaScript JSON.parse() Its convert JSON String to JavaScript Object. Its help to convert text into JavaScript Object. Use of this method convert JSON string into object and access single values using the dot. So at last its helps to convert JSON String to JS Object. When receiving data […]

Create a Unique ID by JavaScript Function and Store into Variable

  Create Unique ID by JavaScript   There are different way to generate Unique ID or unique identifier number in JS. Its very useful and use in may cases rendering list or identify recordsd in database. <script type=”text/javascript”> function createUniqueId(){       const head =;         const tail = Math.random().toString(36).substr(2); […]

How to get value store in cookie in browser by use simply jQuery

Get Value store Cookie into Chrome or other Web Browser with JQuery Easily. Below the code, describe how to store a specified cookie value into a variable and use it for further use. Cookie ‘_ga’ store in web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, with using the jQuery get the value of cookie and store […]

Create an Accordion with HTML and jQuery

Simple Accordion with HTML & JQuery An accordion used to create FAQ and Question & Answers. A vertical accordion is the show list. Each item can be expanded or collapsed to show and hide content with that item. It helps to allow the developer to handle the larget amount of text into small spaces on […]

Put Multiple Properties of CSS in jQuery

Put Multiple Properties of CSS in jQuery jQuery(‘container’).children().css({‘color’:’pink’, ‘background-color’:’blue’, ‘font-family’:’arial’, ‘font-size’:’20px’});

Get selected uploaded file name in input file by jQuery without fake path

Uploaded file value comes with a fake path, how to get filename without a fake path. In this code, how to get filename without full path, only use the file name which is upload in the input file.  In other words, get an image or file temp name by jquery when user upload file in input […]