With PHP MySQL Query retrieve fetch all WordPress Blog categories in JSON REST API

PHP MySQL database query for fetching categories data in JSON Format.   I run my WordPress website with MySQL database so need to fetch the database categories post data in JSON format and use it on another website created with REST API. In the below code, I will provide MySQL queries that can run on […]

MySql query for fetch/ retrieve category data in WordPress with image thumbnail

MySql query for fetch WP post_id, post_title, post_date & name with using thumbnail for a particular WordPress category. WordPress also provides some methods for retrieving post data with thumbnails but you can also fetch them with MySQL query. Also, do with same with MySql join in array format. If you are required to display WordPress […]

Create, Import and Export Database in MySQL or MariaDB by Putty

How to import, export, and create a database in MySQL or MariaDB Create a new database in MySQL or MariaDB First login to MySQL shell or MariaDB in putty using the below command. mysql -u root -p Create new database mysql> create database new_website; Check your database create or not use mysql> show databases; List […]

Get full current page URL in PHP

Echo current page URL in a PHP page. to echo or get the current page URL in a PHP page, use $_SERVER. Its build-in variable in PHP, which is used to fetch or echo the current page URL. It’s available for all scope and its super global variable. Below examples show how it works and […]

Develop PHP Webhook for Google Lead Form Extension

How to set up PHP webhook code for forwards google lead extension form. create a webhook in PHP, save this file in the root folder with adwords_webhook.php for connecting your server to Google Ads, and help to get leads data into CRM or mailing address. Below code for Google Ads Lead form extension. <?php $dataStr […]

Create Rest API with JSON output form MySQL Database Tables Data in PHP

Developed Simple Rest API data in array convert into JSON fetch from MySQL Database Tables. Below is code for creating JSON Array API data fetch from MySQL database. I use this simple API to get all records entered in a database table. I developed this on localhost requires database configuration changes in the top 4 […]

Libmergepdf PHP Code for merge or concatenate multiple pdf files into single pdf

PHP composer library / SDK for merging or Concatenate multiples PDf(.pdf) files.   Install libmerge pdf sdk by Packagist composer. Open your folder with CMD for installation of the composer package and run below command. Installation composer require iio/libmergepdf Library for merging multiple PDFs https://packagist.org/packages/iio/libmergepdf   Add bulk .pdf files using PHP array. <?php require […]

Get Country Name and IP Address in Form Hidden Field by PHP Geoplugin API

Using GeoPlugin PHP API to Get Country Name and Country IP address.   Some time in HTML contact or WordPress contact form 7 we need to Country and Country IP address where the user fills the form. It’s required for tracking which country user used the form and find out where a lead comes from […]

SSH Command for Exclude subfolders when create zip on parent folder

SSH Command for excluded specific subdirectories when zipping a directory. I need to backup my website but I need to exclude a couple of subdirectories content all files and folders. Then I used the below command in Putty SSH. zip -r public_html.zip public_html -x blog/* -x portfolio/*   with the above Putty SSH command, I […]

SSH Linux Command for Putty Client – All MySQL Line commands for maintain MySQL database

How to manage MySQL user account, update records, insert records, login into SSH MySQL, and another SSH command for help to learn MySQL in SSH. List of all commands used in SSH for creating a new database, insert the record into the selected database, Alter the table column, login database by SSH client (Putty). Below […]