Countries name and area code with select option dropdown

Find Country Code and Name with from Option Dropdown.   Get HTML code of all country’s names and area codes in select and option dropdown. When needing country area code by select country name use below HTML code and push the area code to required API. Code Below. Just Copy and Paste in HTML Area […]

How to add bootstrap CSS and JQuery after page load

Add Bootstrap library files after window load Need to load jQuery and CSS bootstrap file after load page for optimize page speed and reduce the load time of page add both files after page open in the window. After loading files in the window will helps to reduce the loading time and increase page speed […]

How to get cookie value when $.cookie error come in console

How to solve error comes when trying to use cookie value store in the browser.   when trying to use a cookie value which stores in the browser by javascript and error come in browser console $.cookie is not define, so add jquery cookie library in HTML code. The library is mention below.   Include […]

Upload multiple files with Ajax and Move to upload by PHP with create different folder

Below the code, explain that upload multiples files by jQuery Ajax and move files using Form Data to created different folders by PHP  move_uploaded_file function. Created multiple folders by time function and create random numbers for the rand function. HTML code for creating form input file and button to upload files. HTML Code : <div […]

Add Google Captcha V3 (In Hindi) on Your Website By jQuery and PHP | Increase your Website Security

  Basically, I applied google captcha on my website with jQuery and PHP code. Sample code link below. Google reCAPTCHA v3, How to use validation of HTML JQuery PHP Form.   Google recaptcha used to secure your website from malicious activities and stop abusive activities run on your website. In other words authorized person and […]

Change ::before ::after Pseudo Element content using in div by jQuery

How to manipulate and change the content of selected DIV by jQuery.   Manipulating and change the content of DIV, SPAN by used CSS pseudo-element ::before and ::after. Passed content to pseudo element with data attributes and use jQuery to change and manipulate.   HTML Code <body> <div id=”uploadFile”> <div class=”uplidFileContent” data-before=”Pseudo Before Content Click […]

Block a specific IP Address to execute, run rest code and View the Website or Web page

Sometimes we need to stop some specified IP Addresses to block the execute the code or stop to view our website or code so that I wrote that PHP code its help to doing that. By this code, you can also stop the spamming from any hacker IP Address, if you find the IP Address […]

Meta Refresh tag for redirect to other URL

Below meta tag used for redirect to a particular URL after 5 seconds. and if change content parameter 5 to 0 then page refresh and redirect to destination URL immediately. HTML Meta Code for Page Refresh Redirect: <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”5;url=” />

Google reCAPTCHA v3, How to use validation of HTML JQuery PHP Form.

Google reCaptcha v3 returns JSON format data. That data based on interactions with your website and validate the form submit inquiries if the submitted form inquiry is validated then it’s sent to the owner or form used scrapping then reCaptcha does not send any details to Owner with does not run the remaining script. Documentation […]

How to add Date Time Month by timezone in Zoho CRM

I try to add the Date and time in Zoho CRM but it not added because the format of date-time is not correct. So used the below code and try to push with API PUSH.  It also works when you push the perfect date in MySQL and show date time in a nice format in […]