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Enter your password in input field and test that its weak or strong password and its safe for use or not.

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Password Strength

Password Strength is online tool for check and measure that provided password is safe for use or not. Using a strong and safe password is help for securing your accounts and personal information.

Password Strength Checker Online Tools
Why is a strong & secure password necessary?

Unauthorized Protection Access & Account Usage

Help for Data Privacy

Provide proper protection for hacking and attack

Account Recovery

Strong password helps to compromise personal information store in different online application

What the best way to create a secure and best password?

Use length at least 12 - 16 characters long

Use mix character type like uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special character use for create a secure password

Do not use easily guessable information for create password

Do not use easily dictionary words because dictionary word can easily compromise by hackers

Use a sequence of random words rather than a single string of chracters

Not use easily recognizable patterns on keyboard like 12345 or abcde

Regular update your password with password manager.

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