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Format nginx and window server ssl certificate install easily and also convert it on .pem, .crt and .cer format

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Define SSL

Secure Sockets Layer is a digital certificate that is used to encrypt communication between client & server.

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Why require to add an SSL certificate to the website

Secure Sockets Layer is a digital certificate that is used to encrypt communication between client & server. An SSL certificate is used to encrypt client-server communication and provides your website URL including HTTPS, indicating that the browser has created a secure, save & encrypted connection with a cloud or remote server to ensure that any sensitive data like user information is saved and cannot be compromised in future.

Various factors make adding an SSL certificate to a website:

  • Security: Adding an SSL helps prevent & protect sensitive data such as login credentials, personal information, and financial details from being intercepted by others.
  • Trust: An SSL certificate convey to website user that the website have authenticates and legal stands. This can help to increase trust and confidence in the website and encourage users to engage with it.
  • SEO: Google & other popular search engines have stated that SSL is a ranking factor for their search algorithm, which means that websites with SSL certificates are a higher chance to rank higher in search results.
  • Compliance: Many regulations, such as the GDPR, require websites to use SSL certificates when processing or transmitting sensitive data.

Overall, adding an SSL certificate to a website is an important step in ensuring the security, trustworthiness, and compliance of the website.

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