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Image to Base64 Encode online free converter allows you to Base64 string JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF and other image formats.

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Base64 Converter

Myfreeonlinetools provide free encoder for image file to base64. It's simple and easy to use, only drag and drop or select the image path / URL in the uploading box or upload area then quickly generates base64 encode code. Base64 images encoded data are used to embed image data within other makeup and content formats like HTML, CSS, JSON & XML.

When using base64 encode data browser does not require fetching an image file from the server because the image converted code is already embedded in HTML or other used documents.

Convert Online Image to Base64
Convert Image to base64 data?

Use our free online tool to encode a single image to Base64 data only upload or drag drop your image to the upload area. Once converting is complete the converted result will appear in the after drop area.

Convert image file to base64 is safe & free.

Our online tool is safe & secure we can not store or save uploaded images as long. We delete upload files after 15min after converting them into base64. And feel free user can use this tool because this tool is absolutely free and provide the best result.

How to convert a picture or image into Base64.

Drag & drop your image into the box area or select your image on click drag & drop click here box after upload your image result will show after uploading area.

Its supports Mac, Andriod, Window or not.

Yes, it supports all computer platforms, it does not require any software installation, and using this on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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