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What is URL Slug?

URL Slug part of a given URL for a specific page of a website. It's part of any website URL that comes just after and website directory or subdirectory in other words after slash of website name or website sub directory the words with separated by hypen its URL slug.

Website URL slug offers to convey web page content making it more user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

For example, in the URL "," the "online-url-slug-generator" is the URL slug.

It contains page keywords related to the content of the page and is separated by hyphens or underscores for better readability.

What role do URL slugs have in SEO?

URL slug is the part of a website URL address that comes after the domain, directory or subdirectory and is used to identify a specific page or content.

For example, in the URL "" the "html-compress-minify" is the URL slug.

Here are some considerations regarding the importance of URL slugs for SEO:

Readability and User Experience: The user experience can be improved by using URL slugs that are descriptive, clear, and short. A page's content can be easily understood by visitors simply by looking at the URL. This may result in increased click-through rates.

Keywords in URL: There may be a slight SEO advantage to include pertinent keywords in the URL slug.

Use Hypens : When it comes to word separators in URLs, search engines typically favour hyphens.

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