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Multiple URL Opener Tool

Enter multiple URLs, one per line, separated by commas, or separated by space. Open all URLs in different tabs with just a click.

Note : Kindly always allow popups option in your browser to open multiple urls
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URL Opener

URL Opener is a tool for opening multiple URLs simultaneously in different tabs of your web browser. This can be helpful for quickly accessing a group of website pages.

A list of URLs must typically be entered into a text area to use a URL opener. Then, each URL will be automatically opened in a different tab or window of your browser by the online free tool.

Use of URL Openers

Time-saving: It can take time to manually access each web page if you often visit several of them each day. You can save time and effort by using a URL Opener to open all of the URLs.

Efficiency: Instead of opening each URL one at a time, you can open a lot of URLs at once with a URL Opener. If you need to quickly access a group of web pages, such as all the pages for a given project or topic, this can be quite helpful.

Organisation: You may keep your browsing more organised and prevent your browser from being cluttered with too many open tabs by grouping URLs together and opening them all at once.

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