Generate Random Fake Data | Fake Email, Name, Address, Number

Generate Random Fake Data Online

Fake records of email, phone or mobile number, address, and dummy text in excel format.

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Generate Random Data in excel

Free tool for generate online bulk emails, phone numbers, dummy text, home addresses in excel/ HTML table format to help software developers or analyst testers. Myfreeonlinetool generates realistic fake testing data to help developers test engineers to better accuracy when they test new software or some specified features in excel software. Generated excel file also helps IMS or excel learner to achieve their learning goals and make more practice. You can use the data table in excel format for educational purposes. Add more numbers of rows just simple click on fetch more data button then 10 rows automatically append after the last row and download it in an excel file(.xls).

What is a random data generator?

Random data generator or dummy data generator is a tool to help generate several realistic fake data which may not relative to the real world. For example, if your need 50 fake entries for name, address, text, phone numbers this tool is helpful to you.

Realistic/ Real data is important?

Real or realistic data should be generated and look showing real, like real name, real email address, real address data. If your excel data or dataset is really like then the result will very effective.

If data is safe which is random fake auto-generate.

Yes, random fake auto-generate is safe & secure.

What different kinds of random data provide myfreeonlinetools?

MyFreeOnlineTools proivde 6 column.

S.No., Name, Email, dummy Text, Phone Number, Address. Users can also download the mentioned data in excel format

Genrate Random Fake Data Online

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